About Us

Hello we are Elayne and E'nyah and StatemenTees by E.Monique is a mommy/daughter dream come true. Fashion has been a long life passion of mine, but life took over and fifteen years later I can finally live out my dream with my daughter the creator of "Smooches".

It is our goal to provide quality items along with excellent customer service.

Smooches is our signature way of saying "See Ya Later".

We consider ourselves a lover of all things Smooches. I am currently a full time Government Employee and E'nyah is a full time honor roll student and volleyball player. Smooches is our creative vision coming to life. We have BIG dreams and GOALS for our Smooches line and T-shirts and hoodies are only the beginning. We started the Smooches line in 2018 after the passing of our beloved mother/grandmother. "Smooches" was our families farewell saying to one another. We absolutely love our brand and we are excited about our journey.

Thank you for coming along on this journey with us!

As a parent I aspire to be a woman who wakes up and loves what she does for a living every day and I want the same for E'nyah. E'nyah has been on this life journey with me since I had her at 20 years old. We learn from one another and continue to grow to better everyday. . 

Pray – Laugh – Love 

Elayne Monique & E'nyah Monique